Champions 2018/9 - Norfolk County Indoor Bowling Association

Norfolk County Indoor Bowling Association
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County Champions 2018/9
U25 Singles
Frank Edge Cup
Norfolk BC
Tom Segolo
George Lingwood Plate
Norfolk BC
Aaron Johnson
R.G.Moore Cup
Norfolk BC
Aaron Johnson
Bob Savage Cup
Norfolk BC
John Tufts
Wayne Willgress
John Bakewell Cup
Acle IBC
John Colcombe
Jamie Howlett
George Tubby
Ken Gooch Bowl
Norfolk BC
Phil Long
Tom Segolo
James Segolo
Wayne Willgress
County Leagues
Division 1
Johnny Johnson Cup
Norfolk BC 'A'
Division 2
Joe Groom Cup
Roundwood 'A'
Division 3 (North)
Ron Bix Cup
Old Hall
Division 3 (South)
John Hare Cup
Wymondham 'B'
O60 Double Rink
Taylor-Trossell Trophy
Top Ten
Boswell Shield
Acle 'A'
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