Champions 2016/7 - Norfolk County Indoor Bowling Association

Norfolk County Indoor Bowling Association
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County Comps
County Champions 2016/7
U25 Singles Frank Edge CupNorfolk BCTom Segolo
George Lingwood PlateGallow IBC
Danny Cawthorne
SinglesR.G.Moore CupNorfolk BC
Wayne Willgress
PairsBob Savage CupNorfolk BC
Tom Segolo
James Segolo
TriplesJohn Bakewell CupNorfolk BC
Aaron Johnson
Bernie Perrett
Ric Summers
FoursKen Gooch BowlAcle BCWill Pitt
Dan Seabourne
Jamie Howlett
George Tubby
County Leagues
Division 1Johnny Johnson CupAcle 'A'
Division 2Joe Groom CupAcle 'B'
Division 3 (North)Ron Bix CupHunstanton
Division 3 (Central)John Hare CupRoundwood 'A'
Division 3 (South)Bob Saunders CupLowestoft Rail
Top TenBoswell ShieldAcle
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